Hygiene First: What Makes Us the Best Airport Taxi Service?

Pleasant and memorable journey. That’s what any passenger taking the taxi-cab expects. However, those who have never taken a taxi-cab earlier may be apprehensive on their first-ride.

Passengers should not be tempted to take the service of the first taxi-cab that they come across. Some key questions should be answered.

  • What kind of vehicles are available?
  • Will the tax-cab ride be safe and comfortable?

At Pyramids Taxi LLC, we ensure that all our rides are great. Whether during the current pandemic or regular days, nothing is left to chance.


It’s important and all the more during COVID-19 that has gripped the entire world. Passengers are worried whether the taxi cab service provider offers hygienic and healthy rides.

Pyramids Taxi LLC offers Airport taxicab in Wilmington that is unmatched. Every ride offered meets the stringent sanitization standards. These have to be followed to avoid any health-risk to the passengers. After every ride, the taxi-cabs are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized to ensure that the next passenger gets a healthy ride.

Whether you are searching for a taxi cab to go to the airport or want to reach another local destination, we ensure that you reach there in no time and in good health.


Passengers are concerned about safety, and they are rightly so. The taxi-cab service provider should be licensed to operate. There is no harm in asking—a license indicates legitimacy. There are standards to be met before getting the required permissions.

Pyramids Taxi LLC has all the permissions to offer the services. It’s a must! Flyers don’t want to miss their flight because the taxi they had hired was pulled aside as it wasn’t authorized to ply or ferry passengers.


Taking services of known-provider makes sense. At least, there is some credibility. For taxi-cab service, it matters even more. A passenger may avail it once, so they trust the most visible or known name.

Pyramids Cab needs no introduction in Wilmington. We have ferried thousands of passengers in our taxi-cabs. Many choose to rely on our taxi-cabs to reach the airport. Our reputation is built over-time by offering reliable and trusted services to these one-time passengers.


A comfortable ride. Passengers expect seating and travel comfort, and they pay for it!.

Pyramid Cabs has a mission. “Keeping passengers interest above everything”. Our fleet of taxi cabs is the best in the Wilmington area. Adjustable upholstered seats mean they fit to give the best comfort.


There are many ways taxi-fares are charged. It could be a meter-system which is the most common system to calculate the taxi-fare or a flat-rate system.

Pyramid Cabs charges a flat-rate. The passenger has to pay the only one-time fare to avail the ride. The price is inclusive of the number of passengers, luggage, and on-ride entertainment.

Hiring a taxi cab provider who is located nearby has other benefits too. As we are located close to ILM, it means less time wasted, and more savings.

Round the Clock Availability

We provide airport taxicab in Wilmington 24×7. Call us right now for a memorable, comfortable and cherished ride.

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